How to select a good violin teacher?


Choosing a violin teacher at ossia music school is quite an interesting task and can help you achieve benefits that will last you a whole lifetime. However, this task is also very crucial since the teacher that you choose will decide the kind of progress you make. Violin can pose a challenge and as beginners, it is important that you choose the teacher who makes the journey not only easy but also very interesting. It is true that to excel in Violin you need good instruments, but apart from that encouragement is equally vital for your growth and confidence.

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You should not take the selection process lightly and should evaluate the teachers on the basis of certain criteria that will help you choose wisely. Since every learner is different and they learn at different paces, the teacher you select should be sensitive to these needs and work accordingly to provide the best possible outcome.

Find some tips and guidelines that will help you get the best violin teacher in Singapore so you can enjoy your lessons to the fullest.

1. Know your personal goals
Knowing what you want from your violin teacher can help you not only decide on choosing the right one, but also ensures that you get the best benefit to help you move ahead. If you are a beginner, or at the intermediate level; if you want a teacher that will help build your foundation or someone who can give you lessons during your summer break – knowing the answers to these few questions can narrow down your search.

2. The teacher should have a history
If you want a violin teacher, you would want somebody who has a history in music – someone who holds a professional education. Extra musical credentials are an icing on the cake. If the instructors have professional experience, they can help you with tips, guidelines and more to maximize your learning and output.

3. Look for instructors in your area
There are websites, newspapers, Yellow pages and more that can show you all the violin teachers available in your area. Start looking for the teachers and make a list of all those you find.

4. Do a reference check
Once you have narrowed down your list, it is a good idea to dig up a little about the performance of the teachers. You can ask the teachers for a few references, which they will be happy to give. Start talking to the current or former students or their parents and know about the experience and achievements of the teachers. When you learn how previous or current students are getting along with them, you will have a good idea of how you are going to be with that teacher.

5. Know the learning style of the teacher
When you are interviewing potential teachers and digging up their experience from current or former students, be sure to ask about the learning style of the teacher. Find out if the teacher follows the Suzuki Method or if her likes to combine and use different methods together.

6. If possible, ask the teacher if you can attend one of the classes, or get a trial class
There are many private instructors who will be happy to give you a demonstration of the way they teach; you should grab on the opportunity and take a trial session to see if you can connect to the teaching style. This is very important since this is what decides what base you will build.

Once you have followed all the steps and chosen a teacher, all you have to do is give it your best and learn to the best of your abilities.