Features of a good corporate insurance

An insurance is a way of protecting yourself from financial loss. A corporate insurance can be defined as an insurance that protects business from financial losses due to some sudden crisis and circumstances that may occur during the course of the business, thereby disrupting the smooth flow of the business. In corporate insurance coverage, there are various kinds of insurance that cover different types of monetary damage, like legal liability, damage to property, employee-related risk; that is, risks that may be posed to the employees during their tenure in the company.

Before talking about a good corporate insurance, one should be familiar with a few common terms that are majorly used in the insurance industry.

An insurer is the legal entity that provides the insurance. It is also known as an insurance agency or insurance company. The person or company that buys the insurance is known as the policyholder as the person or company is duly insured. The insured pays a small amount as interest to the insurer with the assurance that in case of monetary loss, the insurer will compensate the insured. The small amount, that is paid like an interest, is known as the premium.

Good Corporate Insurance:

There are many types of corporate insurance in Singapore. However, there are certain features that qualify a corporate insurance as a good corporate insurance.

The insurance should be an all-round package that provides solutions to both big and small and medium sized enterprises. It should have a wide range coverage. The coverage should be so varied that the customer can pick and choose according to their needs. The sum insured should be in sync with the type and size of business. The solutions provided by the insurance should be tailored to suit individual needs. There should a provision for good customer service.

Apart from these advantages, a good corporate insurance in Singapore should provide some key benefits. The insurance should cover any kind of material damage like theft, burglary, accident. There should be coverage for any kind of interruptions in business caused due to some crisis situations. There should schemes to cover public liability as well as personal damage. Above all, corporate insurance should provide workmen compensation in case of need.

Thus it can be said that if a corporate insurance has these qualities, then it is a good corporate insurance and can be availed by both big and small companies.