3 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Child Care Facility in Singapore

Choosing a childcare facility can be tedious for most parents. This exercise can be a major headache especially for the parent who has no prior information on what to look out for when they visit a facility. A daycare facility is a child’s first interaction with the world outside the safety of his/ her home. These interactions mould a child’s view of the world. It is a make or break moment and parents are to employ due diligence when looking for a facility.

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Here are three factors to remember when choosing a facility in Singapore.

  1. Check for Safety

Young Parents SG writes:

Fiona says to find out how the school ensures its overall safety. For instance, is someone stationed by the centre’s entrance at all times? Is the front door secured during school hours? Is there a CCTV in the classrooms? And how does the school guarantee the safety of the kids during pickup and drop-off times, and during outings?
Read more here. It elaborates some 12 questions that every parent must ask from the management of a childcare facility.

A childcare facility should be a safe place. Safety from the outside world and safety within its premises. Do not settle on what institutions post online about their facilities. Make a visit to the place. Start your observations the moment you enter the gates. Find out if the school has safety and health guidelines. Ensure that the facility is clean and that their food handling is of a high standard.

There should be a policy of dealing with bullies and disciplining children. This will ensure that your child is safe from the physical and emotional torture caused by bullying.

  1. Accreditation

Accreditation is everything. It ascertains the legality of an institution and assures you that the facility operates within the confines of the law. Legislation in Singapore requires that the Ministry of Social and Family Development license all childcare centres. Licensing ensures that every facility meets basic minimum standards before opening its doors to children. It spells out clearly the qualifications that teachers should possess prior to working with children.

The license is displayed at an accessible place for every visitor to see. The ministry conducts inspections of the facilities every two years to ensure compliance.

The New Age Parent writes:

“The Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework introduced by the Ministry of Education to raise the quality of pre-schools in Singapore and was implemented since January 2011. After 3 years, centres will have to be screened and checked again to renew their certification. The framework supports pre-school leaders in their efforts to enhance their teaching, learning, administration and management processes. It provides pre-schools with a blueprint for planning and carrying out both immediate and long-range improvements.” Read more here.

A good institution should have such accreditations. These are guarantees that the facility will indeed add value to your child. Do not settle for less.

An accredited institution is mostly covered by an insurance firm. It is easier to seek legal action against them in the event of a misfortune.

  1. How Well Established is the Facility?

A good facility should have systems that work. Their timings ought to be constant to ensure that you or your spouse are not inconvenienced during drop or pick up hours. You do not want a facility that promises to open at 7 am only to open at 8 am. Or one that calls you at 5 pm requesting that you pick up your child since he/she is the only one left at the facility.

A well-established facility has programs that help your child develop socially, physically and mentally.  Institutions that observe holistic approaches to their practices are preferable. The Montessori, Regio- Emilia, and Waldorf approaches have been tested and proven over the years. You will need to pay more for such though.

At Chiltern House Mountbatten, you can find such facilities readily available for your child, and you can read more about how they benefit your child above.

Wangkh also writes about outdoor trips that will be memorable for your child:

It is also good to understand how frequent the child care centre will organise excursions for the children. A field trip will always be more memorable to a child than their days in the child care centre itself. As a norm, Learning Vision organise at least one excursion per term. The places they brought the children to were also quite interesting. My youngest son went on a historical tour of Singapore and even got to ride in a trishaw.” Read more here.

In conclusion, your parental obligations go beyond feeding and clothing your children. You make decisions that can influence their future either positively or negatively. Take time to conduct research on the childcare facilities available in your locality. Make an informed decision.